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Welcome to the All Screens job application process.  We are a fully owned and privately funded company, specializing in custom fabrication.  We are expanding our business to include adding new and custom options for the home and office, through new technologies and products.

We have a family atmosphere, flex time and an open door policy to all management.  The founder and owner will be working alongside you in the field and in the shop.  We are committed to a culture where we value our employees and understand a work life balance is important.

As positions become available, they will be posted here and on other job boards.  We have seasonal positions, part time, full time and contract positions. We encourage people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to apply, including women and minorities.

All Screens welcomes you to apply at any time, even if there are no positions posted.

Rik Withington, Owner of All Screens LLC

Application Process

To apply, you can download the employment application, fill it out, then scan it and attach it to an email, with the position that you are interested in referenced in the subject line. You may also cut and paste your resume, or attach it to an email with the position referenced in the subject line.

Employment Application Download (Click Here)

The email address to apply is:  jobs@allscreensllc.com

You may also apply via the form on this page and attach your resume or application.

Due to the high volume of applicants, someone from our Human Resources Department will be calling those individuals who meet our criteria first, to conduct an initial phone interview.  Please, no phone calls concerning open positions and the status of your application unless you have been contacted by a recruiter or HR.

Since you will be working in the field and at someone’s home, we will conduct a full criminal background check.  We do not include your personal credit history in that process.  We will also conduct a DMV records inquiry if your position requires you to drive a company vehicle.

Since you will be operating machinery, we will also require a drug and alcohol test.  If you are cannabis positive, this does not preclude you from being a viable candidate, but we do require that you do not use cannabis during normal business hours or prior to coming to work.  Using cannabis at work poses a danger to yourself and others, as you will be fabricating custom window screens , doors and other items for the home, using power saws, hammers and other sharp tools.  You will also be covered under our companies liability insurance, hence we reserve the right to test for drugs and alcohol at any time and without notice.

If you are chosen to come on board, your employment with All Screens is at-will and either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time, without cause and without notice. The Company does not offer tenure or any other form of guaranteed employment. Filling out the employment application is not an offer of employment. Your employment-at-will status cannot be changed except in writing and the document must be signed by the founder/owner of the All Screens.  We reserve the right to have this document notarized and proofed with the company seal.