Mirage Retractable Screens

Cool and ventilate your home in style

Features that make a difference

Meet simplicity with the Mirage PivotPro Easy Release Handle. An innovative design that allows for easy opening of the screen with an effortless twist.

Teflon-infused pull bar guides that pull the screen across the top and bottom tracks are designed to reduce the chance of friction.

Mirage’s proprietary brass bushing allows the roller tube to spin quickly and increases the longevity of the screen.

The factory-balanced roller tube spins in a steady and stable manner when the screen mesh is pulled across your doorway.

Screens that stay out of your way!

Unlike traditional swinging screen doors, the Mirage Retractable Screen is only across your door opening when you need it to be. Additionally, because the screen is stored out of sight when not in use, it will not detract from the appearance and beauty of your entry door.


  • Cool and ventilate your home in style and reduce the cost and need for air conditioning.
  • Keep insects out.
  • Easy to operate and lock when not in use.
  • Does not require a “swing open” space in the entryway.
  • Simple one-handed operation.
  • Available in various colors to compliment your home’s color scheme.

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